What We’re About

It is my hope we will be like a speakeasy – talking about all and sundry where Linux is concerned. NON Linux users will not by definition be excluded. However I would urge you to have one of the following:

  • An interest in trying Linux and seeing what it can provide you
  • An active involvement with running Linux in a dualboot (eg with Windows or Mac &c) environment
  • An active involvement with multibooting Linux, ie two or more Linux Distros OR
  • Something compatible with the above

The rules will be pretty relaxed, although no flaming, nor foul language, please.

Confucius rules – treat other people as you would hope they would treat YOU.


Why Now?

This was the day before my birthday, and I was starting a one week suspension of Posting privileges from the Computer Forum where I was active. Seems they cannot handle loose cannons very well, and so I started this project for an alternative place for people to come and relax.

I hope it meets my ambitions and your needs, in that regard.